black truffle cremini mushroom dip, assortment of root vegetable chips       6

fried green tomatoes, roasted bell pepper sauce, goat cheese       7

southern-style crab cakes, remoulade, served over sweet potato nettle       9

bacon-wrapped barbeque shrimp skewers       9

smoked duck on a thin flatbread pizza, fig jam, caramelized onion, dark blue cheese       8

calamari french fries, roasted garlic tomato sauce, red pepper sauce       10

mezze trio of dips, including sundried tomato hummus, cremini, lentil, naan, chips       9

cornflake-crusted fried chicken tenders, shoestring fries, grained cider honey mustard       8

hot from the oven southern biscuits, whipped butter, seasonal house-made jam       5


crab louie salad, organic iceberg lettuce, jumbo lump crab, avocado, green goddess dressing, quail egg       16

baby organic spinach, raspberry vin, seasonal fresh and dried berries, goat cheese, sweet spicy pecans       8

heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar       9

southwest caesar salad, romaine lettuce, aged cheddar, tortilla strips, tomato, chipotle caesar dressing       8

classic caesar salad, asiago frico chip, center-cut romaine hearts, tomatoes, aged parmesan, anchovies       8


california roll: locally-smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese       9

tempura lobster dragon roll: cucumber, avocado, sriracha, red bell pepper aioli       21


* consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness *


wild-caught 6 oz. seasonal fish fillet, grilled vegetable medley, cauliflower veloute       24

korean bbq-glazed natural angus beef chuck roast, braising vegetables       18

strauss lamb shank tagine with israeli couscous and dried fruits       24

cast iron-seared, bone-in, skin-on, local chicken breast, apple cider collard greens       16

bone-in, cheshire pork chop, roasted apples, savory peach sauce       24

aged natural angus beef tenderloin, smashed fingerling potatoes, béarnaise       6oz.  –  27         10oz.  –  38

fried 6oz. maine lobster tail, shoestring fries, grained cider honey mustard, warm butter       one  –  21  two  –  39

6 oz. wild-caught sea bass fillet seared in extra virgin olive oil, herbs and citrus, on a bed of grilled vegetables       34


local stone-ground grits with aged cheddar, butter, and cream       5

apple cider-braised greens       5

grilled carrot and broccoli, buttermilk ranch       6

roasted butternut squash gratin, aged gruyere cheese, thyme       6

fresh herb and garlic-roasted vegetable medley       6

mini twice-baked creamer potato, asiago and chive, crusted with panko bread crumbs       5

shoestring french fries topped with grated parmesan and black truffle oil       6


weekly mini dessert trio, chef’s choice       9

hot from the oven southern biscuits, whipped butter, seasonal house-made jam       5


glass bottle coke, diet coke and sprite, 8oz.       2

fresh brewed sweet and unsweetened iced tea       2

glass bottle aqua panna water, 1L       3

glass bottle san pellegrino sparkling water, 500ml       2

glass bottle san pellegrino sparkling water, 1L       3

assorted keurig single brew coffee and tea       3


boulevardier – woodford reserve bourbon, sweet vermouth, campari, orange, lemon       12

dark & stormy – gosling’s black rum, ginger beer, bitters, lime juice       11

french 75 – hendrick’s gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, poema cava sparkling       12      

gypsy – grey goose vodka, st. germaine, lemon juice, poema cava sparkling       12              

kir – chambord, attems pinot grigio  /  kir royale – chambord, poema cava       9

margarita – casamigos blanco tequila, grand marnier, lime juice, sweet & sour       12

mules – Moscow, London or Kentucky-style,  lime juice, bitters, ginger beer       10 

negroni – hendrick’s gin, sweet vermouth, campari, orange & lemon       12

old fashioned – woodford reserve bourbon, sugar, bitters       10

rob collins – hendrick’s gin or grey goose vodka, st. germain, lemon juice, soda       11

blackberry bramble – hendrick’s gin, crème de mure, rosemary simple syrup, lemon juice, soda       13

mai tai – gosling’s black rum, flor de cana white rum, grand marnier, bitters, lime, pineapple, & o.j.       14

tiki punch – gosling’s black rum, flor de cana white rum, crème de mure, lime and pineapple juice       13                       

salty dog – grey goose vodka, salt, grapefruit soda       12

lemon/basil margarita – casamigos blanco tequila, grand marnier, lemon and lime juices, basil simple syrup       12

paloma – casamigos blanco tequila, lime juice, grapefruit soda       12

aperol spritz – aperol, lemon juice, lime juice, poema cava, soda       13

rosemary/basil vodka cooler – grey goose vodka, lime juice, rosemary & basil simple syrups, soda       13


gimlet – hendrick’s gin or grey goose vodka, lime juice, simple syrup       11

lemon drop – grey goose, lemon juice, simple syrup       11

manhattan – woodford reserve bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters       12

rob roy – dewar’s scotch, sweet vermouth, bitters       12

bourbon lemon drop – woodford reserve bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup       12

cosmopolitan – grey goose vodka, grand marnier, cranberry juice, lime juice       12

french martini – grey goose vodka, chambord, pineapple       12

elderflower thistle – dewar’s scotch, st. germaine, bitters       13

sazerac – virgil kane rye, sugar cube, bitters, pernod absinthe       14


virgin paloma- lime juice, Italian grapefruit soda, grapefruit garnish       5

mocktail mule- lime juice, bitters, spicy ginger beer, lime garnish       5

spicy punch- cranberry and pineapple juices, ginger beer, tropical garnish       5

zero cooler-  lime juice, rosemary and basil simple syrups, fizz       5

RED WINE  (glass / bottle)

colome malbec  (ARG)       10  /  45

illahe pinot noir  (OR)       10  /  45

cambria pinot noir  (CA)   10  /  45

c.s substance cabernet (WA)       9  /  40

quilt cabernet  (CA)            12  /  55

stag’s leap cabernet (CA)          65

cakebread cabernet   (CA)       100

WHITE WINE  (glass / bottle)

poema cava (ITA)       7  /  30

attems pinot grigio (ITA)       8  /  35

scalabrone rose (ITA)       10  /  45

orin swift sauvignon blanc (CA)       14  /  65

cloudy bay sauvignon blanc (NWZ)       10  /  45

carmel road unoaked chardonnay(CA)       8  /  35

stag’s leap chardonnay (CA)       10  /  45

quilt  chardonnay (CA)       12  /  55

veuve cliquot nv (FRA)       65

cakebread chardonnay (CA)       65


sweetwater 420 pale ale       6

river rat hazelnut brown ale       7

hoegaarden belgian white beer       5

wild heaven white blackbird saison       7

second self thai wheat beer       6

stella artois belgian pilsner       5

blake’s flannel mouth cider       6

wild heaven emergency drinking beer       7

wild heaven wise blood ipa       7

scofflaw basement POG       7



grey goose       9

smithworks       9

ketel one       9


gosling’s black       9

flor de cana white       9


bombay sapphire       9

hendrick’s       9


macallan 12-yr       10

lagavulin 16-yr       15

balvenie 21-yr        19

dewar’s white label       9


woodford reserve       10

basil hayden       9

virgil kane rye       8

jefferson’s ocean       15

jameson black       9


casamigos silver       9

don julio anejo         10

casa dragones           12


dusse VSOP cognac       10

grand marnier       9

bailey’s irish cream       8

kahlua       8

chambord       7

di’saranno amaretto       8

campari       8

aperol       9

st. germain       8

pernod absinthe       8

la voldataine amaro       10

presentation of valid i.d. required for purchase of alcoholic beverages *