small plates

black truffle cremini mushroom dip, assortment of root vegetable chips       6

fried green tomatoes, roasted bell pepper sauce, goat cheese       7

southern-style crab cakes, remoulade, served over sweet potato nettle       9

bacon-wrapped barbeque shrimp        9

smoked duck on a thin flatbread pizza, fig jam, caramelized onion, dark blue cheese       8

calamari french fries, roasted garlic tomato sauce, and red pepper sauce       10

mezze trio of dips, including sundried tomato hummus, cremini, lentil, naan, chips      9

cornflake-crusted fried chicken tenders, shoestring fries, grained cider honey mustard       8


crab louie salad, organic iceberg lettuce, jumbo lump crab, avocado, green goddess dressing, quail egg       16

baby organic spinach, raspberry vin, seasonal fresh and dried berries, goat cheese, sweet spicy pecans  8

heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar       9

southwest caesar salad, romaine lettuce, aged cheddar, tortilla strips, tomato, chipotle caesar dressing       8

classic caesar salad, asiago frico chip, center-cut romaine hearts, tomatoes, aged parmesan  8


california roll: locally-smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese       9

tempura lobster dragon roll: cucumber, avocado, sriracha, red bell pepper aioli       21

large plates

wild-caught 6 oz. seasonal fish fillet, grilled vegetable medley, cauliflower veloute      24

korean bbq-glazed natural angus beef chuck roast, braising vegetables       18

strauss lamb shank tagine, israeli couscous, dried fruits (limited quantity)       24

cast iron-seared, bone-in, skin-on, local chicken breast, apple cider collard greens       16

bone-in, cheshire farms pork chop, roasted apples, savory peach sauce       24

aged local beef tenderloin, smashed fingerling potatoes, bearnaise      6 oz. – 27  |  10 oz. – 38

fried 6 oz. maine lobster tail, shoestring fries, grained cider honey mustard, warm butter    one –  21        two –  39

6 oz. wild-caught sea bass fillet seared in extra virgin olive oil, herbs and citrus, on a bed of grilled vegetables  34


local stone-ground grits, aged cheddar, butter, cream       5

apple cider-braised greens       5

grilled carrot and broccoli, buttermilk ranch       6

roasted butternut squash gratin, aged gruyere cheese, thyme       6

fresh herb and garlic-roasted vegetable medley  6

mini twice-baked creamer potato, asiago and chive, crusted with panko bread crumbs       5

shoestring french fries topped with grated parmesan and black truffle oil       6


weekly mini dessert trio, chef’s choice       9

hot from the oven southern biscuits, whipped butter, seasonal house-made jam        5